Build-to-Order and Mass Customization Consulting

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    Many build-to-order/mass-customization scenarios has been worked out for several industries and will be published in Dr. Andersonís new book on "Build-to-Order and Mass Customization." These specific methodologies are available now for consulting and seminars clients.

In initial consulting engagements, Dr. Anderson will quickly:

C Ascertain the potential based on the current and potential product lines.

C Convey the vision for build-to-order and mass customization for specific product lines, using 3-D perspective drawings of the entire flow of parts and information like the ones shown in the mass customization article.  These are the first step in seeing the vision and serve as a focal point for discussions.

C Outline the most like implementation approach.

C Identify early steps and prerequisites like standardization and product line rationalization article.

C Help build the "business case" to serve as a basis for decision making.

In subsequent consulting, Dr. Anderson will:

C Propose the optimal training plan and subsequent implementation activities

C Teach Engineering departments how to develop products for BTO and mass customization.

C Show Manufacturing how to implement lean production for batch-size-of-one processing.

C Suggest various marketing emphases

C Help clients tie everything together into a viable business plan

Call for a free assessment or fill out the form on the home page:

Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC
Management Consultant
phone: 1-805-924-0100 (Pacific Time Zone)
fax: 1-805-924-0200

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