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Learn how to implement great leaps forward in product development
to exceed any cost goals in half the time by design  

New option:
Spontaneously available consulting advice from the "thought-leader" who is qualified to advise executives managers as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and former faculty at the Haas-Berkeley Graduate School of Business, where he did Management Education.  For more see credentials page.  Topics can include any listed bby cetegories on the home page or aphabeticly  y on the articles page.

Thirty years of experience teaching DFM to companies, which were surveyed first to identify what has worked well for them and what did not, is the basis for this expertise. This wisdom would offer a high value for a small investment for team meetings, decision making, strategies, portfolio planning, new venture decisions and trade-offs and how to   commercialize  innovation.. This will greatly reduce cost, inventory, and defects, while maximizing quality, scalability without shortages. order-fulfillment responsiveness, and ultimately profits and growth.

These are some possible arrangements for approved individual consulting or team meeting attendance, with time limits per calendar period: open Purchase Order paid by internal logging in; billed by consultant; Purchase Order to be billed by consultant; bank/wire transfer; company-issued credit card number to submitted to consultant (note that this site and its forms are secure (https;//), or retainer, or other __________.  

See feedback form below tp reply, including offer for free, signed DFM book to discuss..


     SPECIFIC  TOPICS FOR CONSULTING, in addition to anything in Book or sites.

Half Cost Product Development (Section 3.8 published for the first time in 2020 DFM book)

Design for Manufacturability Consulting.  All DFM consulting is personally performed by Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the design for manufacturability, having written the book on DFM and taught DFM for 25 years to  leading companies.   These leading-edge  cost-reduction strategies are available now through Dr. Anderson’s DFM seminars and DFM consulting.

    Dr. Anderson has very effective approaches to help ventures, startups, and established companies commercialize prototypes and research.

DFM consulting can be by the hour in phone calls, emails, and remote meeting attendance.

    A wide range of DFM consulting activities is offered.  Design for Manufacturability consulting usually takes place on-site, usually following some training on DFM . DFM  consulting can be informal with the in-house "champion" or in the form of formal workshops with a diverse team of implementers. Smaller engagements can be done over the phone, teleconferencing, or by e-mail, which can greatly benefit strategy and implementation efforts with very little cost.

Specific Consulting
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Minimizing product cost
Minimizing  product development cost
Fastest time to stable production
Designing in the best quality and reliability right-the-first-time
Fastest build time and throughput time
Designing for Lean Production, Build-to-Order, and Mass Customization
Assured availability of parts, materials, and products
More effective product development process
Growth and ability to meet peak demand
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Call for a free assessment or fill out the form on the home page:

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