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Two major new articles on scalability at: 

Scalability for  Major  Programs  and

Scalable  Innovation  as  Fast as  Needed


How to avoid shortages by design and even  now  with
Prioritization, qualifying every sours,& building to order insinstead of build to inventory

 Strategies for  downturns , re-opening   factories efficiently, 
and Getting factories ack to work fast even with labor & skill shortages

If you don't know who your customers are going to be
 or what they will want, you must Build-to-Order.

If you don't have enough resources to develop good products fast,
make that twice as efficient as possible and
don't "take all orders."

All  54 original article topics (below) can be included in Webinars
taught to everyone anywhere


Rad dozens of  DFM articles that can all be included in webinars taught remotely:

Design for .. . . . (DFX) Articles, including The Most Effective Product Development class:

DFM article;         Designing in Quality;        Design for Growth;         Design for Scalability
 Implementing  DFM including Training              How Not to Do  DFM Training       Strategy for NPD and solar
How Training & Workshops should be Customized for Practicality and Relevance
Manufacturable Research *    Commercialization


  ( * = has email summary

Concurrent Engineering Articles

Concurrent Engineering of Challenging Products (white paper)          Why OffshorIng  thwarts C.E.
  Saving Cost/Time with Vendor/Partnerships          Concept/Architecture Cost Breakthroughs
Concurrent Engineering & BTO for Low-Volume; High-Mix Environments      
   to help going  back-to-work in many ways    U
nique article: Strategy

Articles about Time 

Half the time to Stable Production           Time to Innovate            Order Fulfillment in Half the Time
Strategies for recessions and getting back to work quickly          How DFM can cut labor demands in half

articles  about Cost   

How to cut 9 categories of cost from half to 1/10 of the usual cost
Compete on price without sacrificing profits or raising profits without raising prices        
Recession Strategies            Total_cos
t by expert who pioneered easy measurement approach.
 7 Reasons Why "Cost Reduction" after Design Doesn't Work However, only one is Backward-compatible "drop-in" replacements for Existing and New Products  * 

Articles on Lean Produstion & BTO. - Pubic webinar coming up Sept. sept/ 20, 2021 (see above)

 Designing products for Lean Production (public webinar)     Cellular/Flexible  Manufacturing
 Build-to-Order,     Mass Customization
with factory layouts for electronics and hardware
 Management Overview to Mass Customization *        Standardization  *
             Seminars  on design for Lean, BTO, and platforms 
How to Design products that can be Built to Order as Product Families  with plant cell layouts 

 For  a preview of all of the above, attend the  Sept.  webinarr  on Design for Lean  Manufacturing 
2-day webinar: Sept 20-23 from 1-5 PM EST ; sponsored by QCG, who trains & certifies Bllack-Belts

Complete  description and sign-uo  at : .

Articles on Spontaneous Supply Chains

Spontaneous supply chains       Automatic Part  Resupply with illustration of  kanban
Availability of parts, materials, and processing equipment, see center of Manufacture Research

Articles on Design and Implementation Examples   

How to Design Ultra-Low-Cost Truss Structures   →  →  →  Half_Cost_Solar   with Case study on Concentrated Solar Power
 Low Cost Machine Control with Linkages         Read the ultimate case-study of a greenfield BTO plant  based on these principles for the Hoffman Brand of Pentair
Results page that that shows the best client results in several categories.

Avoid These Counter-Productive Policies

"Changing time"  article: The Case Against Offshoring; and What to Replace it with.  

 Why Companies Can't Innovate and how to unleash innovation (Lists counter policies)
How_not_to_lower_cost  with new warnings about product development "processes that donít even have a Product Design phase and skip from "concept testing" to "prototype testing.."
7 Reasons Why "Cost Cuttine " after Design Doesn't Work;          Low-bidding       Offshoring

\_____        _________________________        ___________________________________/

\     /
\  /

 These  last three alone can drain away 2/3 of engineering resources!
(Cheap parts, bidding, & Offshring


See articles  about the only way to Exceed Cost Goals in Half the Time 
and the  only web articles about  product families , 
Commercializatio and Scalability


Needed now: Design to  scale  up  millions  When Needed
without supply shortages  or production bottle-necks 
If this is  busy, go to 
 If that is busy go to: 


It is Time to Learn New Ways* to Design & Build

and Stop doing what gets in the Way!

* The 590 page 2020 book has 814 topic sections


Reduce cost of machine frames & structures with "drop in" replacements:
 Steel Reduction Workshop  with many examples, like this one of a machine frame:

All of these article topics can be combined into
a customized two day DFM class or the
most advanced product development class


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Minimizing product cost
Minimizing  product development cost
Fastest time to stable production
Designing in the best quality and reliability right-the-first-time
Fastest build time and throughput time
Designing for Lean Production, Build-to-Order, and Mass Customization
Assured availability of parts, materials, and products
More effective product development process
Growth and ability to meet peak demand
 Other challenges, goals, and opportunities:

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New Article: Strategy

Feature article: Why Companies Can't Innovate
and how to unleash innovation


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