Product Family Design


Dr. Anderson is offering a new customized in-house seminar that will show companies how to develop families of products.

This will enable companies to efficiently build any product variation in the family in any quantity with the following valuable capabilities:

• Deliver those products very quickly (approaching on-demand) by eliminating delays to wait for parts to arrive and all setup delays to build parts and assemble products

• Profitably sell products at low prices that beats all competitors by avoiding all the costs of inventory, expediting, overtime, and lengthy setups, multiple queues, and many forecasted parts that need be purchased.

The seminar will show how all these delays and excess costs can be eliminated by:

• Standardization of materials and purchased parts that are so common that they will always be availableaat allpoints of use from spontaneous resupply techniques such as steady flows, kanban, kanban breadtruck/free-stock, and on-demand cut-to-length and cut-to-shape.

• On-demand part production on flexible CNC machine tools that are versatile enough to build all parts in any quantity on flexible fixtures without setup delays from standard materials that are always available at all points of use..

• On-demand assembly of modules and products at versatile workstations using flexible fixtures, on-line instructions and one-piece flow from available standard parts or parts fabricated on-demand

A workshop exercise will be to identify and prioritize promising product family opportunities. Then strategy exercises will develop plans to start with pre-defined products in the family (build-to-order) and then add new niche markets and customized variations (mass customization) using the same supply chains and operations.

These unique methodologies are based on Dr. Anderson's two books on Build-to-Order and my new “how-to” chapter from forthcoming 2020 book, "Advances in Product Family and Product Platform Design."

The download of the chapter, "Building, Supplying, and Designing Product Families," 
is available now for $29.95 at the Springer site:

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